Wise Tips to Stay Healthy

Where Ancient Traditional Health Care Meets Contemporary Health Care

  • Eat less – 70% full at each meal. 2 meals (brunch and early dinner) per day.
  • Eat well – low carbohydrates, sufficient vitamin and minerals for your body. Regular intake of ginger and ginseng during day time to increase internal heat source.
  • Drink good water – Filtered warm water between 37-55 degree Celsius.
  • Exercise – Sweat for at least 30 minutes in the morning sun every day to detox, get external heat source and vitamin D. If your body permits, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as 7 minutes workout may be more effective than 30 minutes jogging.
  • Oxygen and negative ions – Regular walk in parks with big trees and clean air.
  • Think positive – Don’t overstress yourself. Nothing is permanent except changes. A bad situation will not last forever. Always look at the bright side. Live at the very moment, celebrate small successes and ignore what you cannot control.
  • Sufficient rest – Get enough sleep or rest to rejuvenate your body. This helps you focus and be a lot more productive. Sleep is additionally necessary for happiness as you become less sensitive to negative emotions.

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