OFAFO (One for ALL for One)

The world is transforming.  AI and robots are fast displacing human as a better workforce.

The income gap is widening.  Factors like inflation have decreased the spending power of the lower median income group. Life is getting more difficult.

Let’s face it. More than 95% of the lower median income group may never be rich. Worse,  many are just earning enough to make ends meet.

Despite having little resources, there are still ways to improve our lives.
With shared values and similar healthy lifestyle, we can lower the cost of living through the economy of scale.  We can live happily and fulfill.

Either we disrupt or get disrupted.

Conceptualized by Mr. Louis Chow, OFAFO (one for all for one) lifestyle is the future proofed lifestyle for this particular income group.


  1. One for all, all for one.
  2. Strive to live happy, healthy and satisfied. 
  3. Scientific brain, artistic eyes, a heart for humanity.
  4. Resilience – Overcome setbacks and frustrations without losing the enthusiasm for life.
  5. RespectRegard every individual with dignity and respect regardless of race, language, religion, gender, age, and ability. 
  6. Life long learningAbsorb what is useful, reject what is useless and inject some original ideas.
  7. Do good and promote community spirit.
  8. MinimalismFocus on needs, not wants. For quality, not quantity.


  1. Time If you think you have a lot of time, think again. Death or serious illness may happen anytime. We should grasp opportunities, optimize our time to follow our dreams.
  2. Safety – If not safety conscious, the consequence can be fatal.
  3. Health – Good health is essential to enjoy life or do what we like.
  4. Relationship – Good relationship is one of the keys to happiness.


  1. Precision health – Predict and prevent disease using big data and genetic testing.
  2. PreventiveSufficient internal (e.g. ginger drink) and an external heat source (e.g. sunshine), regular exercise, good water intake, quality sleep, positive thinking and eat well. 
  3. Cure – Consider both traditional and modern medicine. Look for effective, non-invasive, minimal side effect and natural healing as the preferred method. 


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OFAFO 我發福我爲人人








  1. 我爲人人,人人爲我。
  2. 努力過上幸福、健康、滿意的生活。
  3. 科學的大腦,藝術的眼睛,人性的心臟。
  4. 韌性 – 勇於面對並克服失敗與挫折,同時不喪失對生活的熱情。
  5. 尊重 – 尊重每個人,不論種族、語言、宗教、性別、年齡和能力。
  6. 終身學習 – 吸收有用的東西,摒棄無用的東西,注入一些原創思想。
  7. 做好事,弘揚社區精神。
  8. 極簡主義 – 注重需要,而非想要。關注品質,而非數量。


  1. 時間 – 如果你認為你有很多時間,請多想想。死亡或嚴重疾病隨時可能發生。我們要抓住機遇,優化時間,實現夢想。
  2. 安全 – 如果沒有安全意識,後果可能是致命的。
  3. 健康 – 良好的健康是享受生活或做我們喜歡做的事情的必要條件。
  4. 關係 – 良好的人際關係是幸福的關鍵之一。


  1. 精確健康 – 利用大數據和基因檢測來預測和預防疾病。
  2. 預防性 – 充足的內部(如薑汁飲料)和外部熱源(如陽光),定期運動,良好的飲食,優質的睡眠,積極的心態。
  3. 治療 – 兼顧傳統和現代醫學。尋找有效的,最小副作用和自然癒合作為首選醫療方法。

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